Sportsmen’s Ministry

The purpose of the Sportsmen’s Ministry is to glorify God and provide a network of support and fellowship across our common interests and/or needs. If you’re an outdoors person, this is a great way to “get involved” and meet others that share a common love of God’s creation.

The Sportsmen’s Ministry was established in 2003 and will continue as the Lord gives direction to the ministry team and senior leadership at Fox River.

We are excited that you are interested in this unique ministry and are considering attending one of our events.

To learn more about the Sportsmen’s Ministry, please e-mail us at

God bless you as you enjoy His great outdoors!

Sharing the love of God through a common passion for His creation: the pursuit of the hunt or the tug on the line.

Realizing that we are all sinners to whom God has extended His grace because He first loved us, the sportsmen of Fox River Christian Church invite you to find out more about our church where you matter to us because… you matter to God!

Yearly Events 2014

Pheasant Hunt (Annual Event)

Join us January 9th – 11th at Wern Valley for fun and fellowship as we hunt one of God’s most beautiful game birds, the ring-necked pheasant. We supply lunch, dogs and guides over a 3 day period that will be fun and safe. This event is open to all family and friends of Fox River. Youth are encouraged to participate and must have completed their Hunter Safety classes. If you have your own hunting dog and want to use him/her for your own team, you are welcome to do so.

Register here.


Sportsmen’s Expo (Annual Event)

Sportsmen and women, join us for a swap meet for fishing, camping, hunting & outdoor equipment as well as a wild game dish & a chili cook-off. Entry includes dinner and a featured speaker. Families are encouraged to attend.


Hunter Safety Courses (Spring & Fall)

Taught by a licensed instructor who reports directly to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. We refer you to these offsite classes which are held in the Spring and Fall each year.
Lake Michigan Half Day Fishing (Late Summer/Early Fall)
Join us on the big lake chasing trout and salmon with a professional guide service.
Spring Turkey Contest (early May of every year)

We gather to award the winners of the spring turkey contest and enjoy some grilled and smoked food.
Lake Michigan Half Day Fishing (Late Summer/Early Fall)

Join us on the big lake chasing trout and salmon with a professional guide service.

Youth Goose Hunt

If you have a son or daughter that would like to spend a morning in the field with you and watching the sunrise, please let Jim Caughey know and we’ll try our best to make a memorable field goose hunt happen.


Ice Fishing Contest

Youth & Adults, come join us on the ice as we vie for the most fish caught in a given time period. Enjoy the fellowship & stories that only the ice can bring!


Retriever Training (basic gun dog introduction)

This is a 4-week introduction on Sunday afternoons (free of charge) to the basics of gun dog training (not obedience) for those interested in how to teach your retriever (Labrador, Golden Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coat Retriever, etc…) to be steady to flush, steady to shot, mark single birds, etc...

This is not for older dogs that have never had any training nor is it for pointing breeds. For those interested in further or advanced training, qualified references will be provided. Jim Caughey is an active member and judge for Hunting Retriever Clubs in SE Wisconsin.



All upcoming events will be posted at the Sportsmen booth with handouts/flyers available at all campuses. Please check our booth often or contact Jim Caughey with any questions at 262.993.1643.

If you’re outdoor-minded and would like to get involved in helping at one of our events please contact us at:

Volunteer Staff:

Jim Caughey - Director of Sportsmen’s Ministry‚Ä®

Event Coordinators:

Ice Fishing – Mike Crabb
Lake Michigan Fishing – Leandro Andrade
Pheasant Hunt – Tom Hoffman
Retriever Training – Jim Caughey
Sporting Clay Shoot – Tom Hoffman / Dan Gaudynski
Sportsman’s Expo (held every other year – Tom Hoffman / Dewey Nowak
Spring Turkey – Bruce Pritzlaff
Youth Goose Hunt – Jim Caughey