Stephen Ministry is Fox River’s one-to-one care-giving ministry.

Stephen Ministers are lay Christians selected, trained and supervised by Fox River’s Stephen Leaders to provide confidential and effective Christian care to those impacted by life’s crises and tragedies

At some time or another in life, everyone will experience crises, difficulties and tragedies. When, and not if, that happens, our fast-paced lives may derail into hurt, hopelessness or confusion. During these times, people can benefit greatly from a caring relationship with someone who will “walk through the valley” with them.


Stephen Ministers:

- Listen
- Explore feelings
- Pray
- Share Christ’s love
- Maintain confidentiality
- Attend to the care-giving process and leave the results to God


Stephen Ministers care for people who are:

-Grieving the loss of a loved one
-Dealing with terminal illness
-Divorced or separated
-Experiencing losses as they age
-Suffering loneliness or discouragement
-Dealing with a spiritual crisis
-Dealing with a birth, adoption, miscarriage or infertility
-There to help in many, many more areas


Stephen Ministry is Christ Caring for People through People!
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