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  Fox River Christian Church   A Note From Pastor Guy

I hope you are learning and experiencing the truth that God has "so much more" for us and that Jesus challenges us to Dip Deep as followers of His.

It is inspiring to hear Jesus say "I know there is more in you and I want to help you to realize it and be blessed by it."


Last Week: We talked about grace being the fuel for living as a disciple. Our challenge was to daily live with an awareness of our need for grace and to approach our daily activities with a grace dependency.

This Weekend: I will be teaching on and want to begin a conservation of “when we hit the wall.” It is something that all of us will face and how we respond will determine our spiritual direction. I hope it will be very helpful and thought provoking.

Hope to see you this weekend.


Pastor Guy

  Fox River Christian Church  

I would also like to ask you to join us in our Field of Dreams initiative.

Our vision is to impact Thousands of Children and Hundreds of Families.

Our goal is to raise $500,000 in our Dig Deep series. I hope you will join us in funding this vision (we all can do something) and pray about being one of the 500 that would contribute $1,000 between now and April.

Learn more about Field of Dreams...

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