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Finishing Well in 2014

  Fox River Christian Church  

The quick chat Saturday night in the coffee shop left me once again thanking God. A friend asked how the Field of Dreams project was going and then went on to share one of the best end of the year giving summaries I have heard.

They said that in the last two weeks of the year they look at their giving to date, catch up if needed and then review how God has blessed and prospered them through the year. They then do their end of the year giving to God through Fox River accordingly. The exclamation was, "I love it, and am blessed!"


I smiled, as I envisioned Jesus smiling as well.

For all who have given this year, I want to say thanks and hope you feel Jesus’ proportional smile. Your generosity continues to further God’s working in and around us.

As a reminder – all year-end 2014 giving needs to be given or postmarked by December 31st. E-Giving can be done right up to 11:59PM. Not that anyone would put things off to the last minute! : )

Christmas Blessings,

Pastor Guy


Watch as Pastor Guy shares about My Gift for Jesus.


Have you invited someone to join you for one of our Christmas Eve services?

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There are a variety of ways you can invite your family and friends to join you this Christmas!

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Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Celebrate Recovery

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Join us for Celebrate Recovery at 6:30PM for our regular CR meeting.

How about New Year's Eve? We are celebrating together from 6:00PM to 1:00AM.

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