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  Dig Deep

These past two weekends, we have been learning what it means to be a disciple. We don’t have to default to just being a Christian; Jesus actually invites us to become a disciple.

When we take action towards becoming a disciple our lives become permeated with God’s perspective. There’s a lot of hope in that!

If you missed any of the messages, catch up here.

Be sure to join us this weekend as we continue to learn more about becoming a disciple.

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Fox River Christian Church
Fox River Christian Church
  Fox River Christian Church   Medical Missions - Nicaragua

Fox River Missions is getting a medical team together to travel to Nicaragua.

If you are a medical professional, please consider joining us for an informational meeting this Sunday. You’ll get all of your questions answered. See if this is where God is leading you!

Informational Meeting:
Sunday, October 19th
Waukesha Campus

Trip Dates: March 22nd-29th, 2015

Learn more about Medical Missions...

Fox River Christian Church
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  Community Marketplace  

Saturday, October 18th
Waukesha Campus

  Military Night  

Family XP
Friday, Oct 24th
Waukesha Campus

  Community Marketplace  

Fall Ride
Sat, Oct 25th
Waukesha Campus Start



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