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  Fox River Staff Update

We are all only our "next yes" to whatever God asks us from seeing our faith grow. It is no different with those of us in leadership roles at Fox River. We have to be obedient to God when He asks us to do something new for Him. When God moves one of our staff on to other things, we don't always understand but trust Him with what He is doing.

If you have not heard yet, Don Mingo has felt that God has asked him to move on from his ministry responsibilities here at Fox River. He will be looking ahead at what God has in store for him and his family. Don explains it from his heart in the following letter.

Fox River Christian Church
  Don Mingo - Fox River Christian Church   A Note From Pastor Don

Maps. Reading one is a dying art. Everyone relies on turn-by-turn directions these days. There are pros and cons to each I suppose.

Maps let you see the big picture and ultimate destination.Turn-by- turn...well...that’s all you turn at a time. Maps assume your travel plan has few hiccups.

Turn-by-turn reroutes you responding to real-time traffic reports, construction delays and things you couldn’t different ways.

In life we crave direction, we seek intentionality and we long for meaning. To accomplish this we have long-term plans, short-term plans, New Year's resolutions, resolutions to do last year's resolutions...the "map view". But sometimes turn-by-turn reroutes us to an unplanned direction. It can seem confusing ("I don’t see this road on my map") and scary ("we are totally not on the Interstate") and ambiguous ("I'm so lost...just follow the GPS").


Proverbs tells us that "We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." (Proverbs 16:9 NLT) Another version says the LORD "makes [our] steps firm". I could paraphrase it like this:

"We plan life with our maps, but
God's turn-by-turn can reroute us somewhere else entirely."
II Don 5:9

Ever been there? Got everything mapped out and then "Rerouting..." God tends to lead us just like turn- by-turn. It can be confusing and scary and ambiguous. But guiding us to His perfect destination, God shows us only the next turn to take.

God has done exactly that in my life. He's asked me to take a turn that wasn't on my map. He's asked me to step away from my pastoral position at Fox River. As I take this off-ramp to somewhere new, I want to thank my Fox River family for investing in me these past eight and half years. I'm excited for what God has in store for both my family and me, and Fox River. I think our best years are ahead of us.

Now pay attention...God is leading...your next turn is coming up!

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  Field of Dreams Update

Impacting Thousands of Children and Hundreds of Families!


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