3 Reasons to Attend the Global Leadership Summit

#1 - High Growth Challenge

#2 - Spiritual Insights

#3 - Leadership Development

I have personally benefited from the Global Leadership Summit every year I have attended and I believe you will as well. It's why we are a host! I encourage you to come and bring a friend.

Please share with others that this is a high caliber leadership event and even though it is being held at a church, they don't need to be religious to attend. One of the amazing things about the Summit is that we learn from others who may not be like us, but definitely have some things we can benefit from.

I so appreciate the Summit's motto: "Everyone wins when a leader gets better."

Wherever you lead - at home, school, work or any other place - all those you influence will benefit as you get better.

An added bonus for those who attend Fox River and those you bring with you is a sweet discount. So, instead of paying $199 to attend, the price is only $89! Use the code: PREMIER16 and register now.

So, I encourage you to adjust your schedule and plan to attend the Global Leadership Summit with me.

I'll see you there!


Pastor Guy  

We'll continue our series, "Build-It" this weekend. How's your reading of Nehemiah going?

If you missed any of the messages in this series, you can watch them here. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!  
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