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Get to know some of the staff of Fox River. Hopefully you’ll recognize some of these great folks (like our Worship Leader or Senior Pastor). This page will help you connect with them not only as church staff but also as people.

Guy Conn
Senior Pastor

Guy’s role: Guy’s primary roles include: vision, leadership, encouragement and communicating God’s life-changing Word.

Phone: 262.544.6000

Mark Roberts
Executive Pastor

Mark’s role: Mark leads the Business Office and oversees Campus Operations.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x207
Email: mroberts@foxriverchristian.org

Dion Conn
Worship Leader

Dion’s role: Dion is responsible for putting together the weekend worship experiences from choosing the songs to picking the team and even leading the singing.

Jon Glass
Journey Pastor

Jon’s role: Jon leads a team which oversees the Journey environments.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x213
Email: jglass@foxriverchristian.org

Dan Kallenberger
Technical Arts Director

Dan’s role: Dan leads a team of technical volunteers in lighting, audio, video, graphics, editing and animation at all 3 campuses. He also co-directs the weekend worship experiences, maintains quality media products and advises and/or produces promotional elements.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x218
Email: dkallenberger@foxriverchristian.org

Nicole Gunderson
Director of Creative Arts

Nicole’s role: Nicole leads the team that plans the creative elements to the weekend services and oversees the production of the weekend service at the Waukesha campus.

Phone: 262.544.6000
Email: ngunderson@foxriverchristian.org

Ethan Caughey
Stories Coordinator

Ethan’s role: Ethan is responsible for getting in touch with and shaping stories from the church to be used to show God's working in our lives.

Email: ecaughey@foxriverchristian.org

David Zahn
Service Producer

David’s role: David is responsible for bringing the elements of the services together to achieve the highest impact.

Email: dzahn@foxriverchristian.org

Brent Law
Associate Pastor - Groups

Brent’s Role: Brent's responsibilities are to organize and prepare Small Groups including Rooted & Journey, as well as our Next Steps Groups and Bible Studies.

Email: blaw@foxriverchristian.org

Jill Hoffmann
Volunteer Coordinator

Jill’s role: Jill is responsible for connecting any new volunteer with the ministry in which they have chosen to serve.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x607
Email: jhoffmann@foxriverchristian.org

Denise Conn
International Missions Coordinator

Denise’s role: As International Missions Coordinator, Denise coordinates our partnership with sister churches in Kenya and Nicaragua.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x208
Email: dconn@foxriverchristian.org

Luanne Glass
Director of Fox River Women

Luanne’s Role: Luanne is responsible for leading environments and teams of women that connect women to God and each other through Bible studies, Mom Time, and large group events.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x222
Email: lglass@foxriverchristian.org

Bill Gunderson
High School Pastor

Bill’s role: Bill oversees DRIVEN, our ministry to students in grades 9-12.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x216
Email: bgunderson@foxriverchristian.org

Rod Buck
Middle School Pastor

Rod’s role: Rod oversees The Freeway, our ministry to students in grades 6-8.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x210
Email: rbuck@foxriverchristian.org

Jodi Buck
Children's Ministry Director

Jodi’s role: Jodi directs the Children's Ministry where kids grades 5K - 5th gather during the weekend services to engage in relevant worship, dynamic teaching and peer relationship building.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x212
Email: jbuck@foxriverchristian.org

Kimm O'Leary
Waukesha Children's Ministry Coordinator

Kimm’s role: Kimm oversees the Children's Minstry environment, designed for 5k - 5th grade students at the Waukesha campus, during the weekend services.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x610
Email: koleary@foxriverchristian.org

Peggy Duclon
Nursery Assistant

Peggy’s role: Peggy oversees our Waukesha Nursery environment, designed just for our Birth - 2K children during the weekend services.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x211
Email: pduclon@foxriverchristian.org

Amy Klaesing
Early Childhood Director, Special Needs Ministry Director, Dedication Coordinator

Amy’s role: Amy oversees the Nursery & Preschool Ministry teams that create environments where children (Birth - 4K) experience the love of Christ during weekend services. Amy also oversees the Special Needs Ministry team to welcome each person with all the gifts God has given them with open arms.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x224
Email: aklaesing@foxriverchristian.org

Ashlyn Roberts
Family XP Director

Ashlyn’s role: Ashlyn oversees all of our family events, as well as Summer XP for both age levels, and the Christmas Musical.

Phone: 262.544.6000
Email: aroberts@foxriverchristian.org

Stephanie Applonie
Waukesha Preschool Coordinator

Stephanie’s role: Stephanie oversees our Waukesha Preschool environment, designed just for our 3K-4K children during the weekend services. Stephanie also works closely with the Preschool volunteers and parents to help them connect and fill their cup with the love of Christ.

Phone: 262.544.6000
Email: sapplonie@foxriverchristian.org

Kelley Langkamp
IT Administrator

Kelley’s role: Kelley keeps all of our IT systems running and helps maintain the Fox River website.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x211
Email: klangkamp@foxriverchristian.org

Taylor Traczyk
Waukesha Preschool Assistant

Taylor’s role: Taylor oversees our Waukesha Preschool environment, designed just for our 3K-4K children during the weekend services.

Email: ttraczyk@foxriverchristian.org

Becky Rayburn
Adult Ministries Administrative Assistant

Becky’s role: Becky offers administrative support to adult ministries with an emphasis in coordinating Journey registrations and attendance and coordination of our annual lake baptisms. She offers front office back-up as needed.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x226
Email: brayburn@foxriverchristian.org

Andrea Wesenberg
Waukesha Nursery Coordinator

Andrea’s role: Andrea oversees our Waukesha Nursery environment, designed just for our Birth - 2K children during the weekend services. Andrea also works closely with the Nursery volunteers and parents to help them connect and fill their cup with the love of Christ.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x223
Email: awesenberg@foxriverchristian.org

David Lepak
Campus Operations

David’s role: David oversees building usage, set ups, cleaning and maintenance.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x219
Email: dlepak@foxriverchristian.org

Joy Wilkins
Care & Counsel Ministry Director

Joy’s role: Joy is responsible for all the Care Groups and oversees the lay counselors in the Biblical Counseling Ministry.

Phone: 262.544.6000
Email: jwilkins@foxriverchristian.org

Jon Carlson
Graphic Designer

Jon is responsible for designing and printing all print/digital media for all ministries at Fox River.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x229
Email: jcarlson@foxriverchristian.org

Amy Flury
Youth Ministries Administrative Assistant

Amy’s role: Amy provides administrative support to all youth ministries – birth to high school.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x217
Email: aflury@foxriverchristian.org

Brenda Lambrecht
Communications Director

Brenda’s role: Brenda is the brand advocate of Fox River. She oversees anything people read, touch or click that represents the church. This includes print and electronic materials communicated from or about the church, as well as, social media and our website presence.

Phone: 262.544.6000 x220
Email: blambrecht@foxriverchristian.org