Steps to serving: Sign up for a First Serve experience

What’s a First Serve? It’s an ob-serve. Meet your Ministry Connector, leaders and other team members. Sit back and watch ministry happen. Have your questions answered. Then…

Evaluate your First Serve with your Ministry Connector from the Synergy Team.

  • “This was great… I liked the people and the job!"
    Move forward into a Season of Serve . A Season of Serve is a 2-4 month commitment to regularly serve on the team.
  • "This was great, but I didn’t quite connect with the people on the team."
    Try another First Serve in the same ministry, different service time. Your Ministry Connector will coordinate that for you.
  • "This is not what I expected at all!"
    Try another First Serve in a different area of interest. Your Ministry Connector will help you with this.

Once your Season of Serve is completed, your Ministry Connector will evaluate your experience with you. At this point you may sign up to be a member of that ministry team or be released to begin again with another First Serve.

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